Welcome to the Missional Canuck

By Merv Budd

The Church in Canada has had a varied relationship with its host country. The stories of martyrs like Jean de Brébeuf, who was martyred in the 1600s, was part of costly witness the Church bore. The Parliament building has many Biblical verses etched into its walls and arches, and our national anthem is a prayer to God. The often unknown fourth verse says as much:

Ruler supreme, who hearest humble prayer,
Hold our Dominion, in thy loving care.

And yet, these are remnants of another time. Abuse, scandals, and an attitude of entitlement has eroded the favour and, dare I say, tolerance that Christians once held. The Church has become once more an exiled people. But perhaps we were always meant to have understood Canada as a foreign land. Perhaps the Church had grown too comfortable, too familiar and had neglected the mission she was meant to be on.


Of course we as the Canadian Church are not the only ones who have found ourselves relegated from the centre to the margins of society. Western Europe has led the way into post-Christendom, and America is not far behind us. But while their stories of exile are similar, and are appreciated, they are not ours.

The Missional Canuck is the blog of the Forge Missional Training Network in Canada: theologians and practitioners who are seeking to express the unique Canadian voice within the missional conversation.

We’re glad you’ve stumbled upon us and we hope that you will join us. Your comments and engagement with our content will help us all to navigate this new reality for the Canadian Church. We hope you sign up to get updates, but more than that, we hope that you join us in the journey.

Let us together reconsider how we can express love for God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, as well as loving our neighbours who are far from God and showing love for one another within the Kingdom of God—not only as citizens of the Kingdom, but as fellow exiles who reside in Canada.


One thought on “Welcome to the Missional Canuck

  1. As Canadians, we have countless blessings to be grateful for… excellent universal education, a spectacular environment, free health care, peace, safety, freedom, and resources, almost ad infinitum. Ironically, and sadly, the seemingly endless supply of these very blessings have have turned countless Canadians into kind, happy, hard working, peace keeping folk who enjoy the good life, expecting only the best, proud of their accomplishments, shocked and even outraged when trouble of any kind occurs. Worst of all, this remarkable peace and bounty allows Canadians to be lulled into a false sense of security and pride. The very blessings of this great country can too easily blind us to what we need the most.

    As we, reach out and embrace our fellow Canadians with the arms of Christ, I am troubled that the greatest obstacles to be overcome in our witness within the middle and upper class are the demise of truth at the hand of Godless public opinion, and their resolute belief in their self sufficiency. Our national blessings have blinded too many Canadians to the Truth of their deepest need: Jesus Christ, their Saviour, Healer, and Friend.


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