Forge: A Movement of Missional Training

by Cam Roxburgh

Forge originated 20 years ago in Australia, through the work of Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost. These innovators have contributed as much to the outworking of missional training as anyone over these past two decades. Much of the Forge movement is because of their hard work.

At the same time, in Canada, I began what was then called the Missional Training Network. Both of these efforts grew until in 2006, when Alan and I developed Forge International through our work and friendship (see the next blog for a more complete history of Forge). Now a decade later, Forge is in numerous countries and includes many other leaders. Here are some introductions to our team in Canada and around the globe.

Forge Canada

Many missional leaders have shaped Forge Canada. These include Gary Nelson, Alan Roxburgh, Don Goertz, Jonathan Wilson and many others.

Anthony Brown
Anthony has been with Forge Canada from the beginning. His teaching, preaching and writing have influenced our country. Anthony pastors a local church, and has done amazing work in transitioning a church towards a missional future. He speaks regularly at pastors conferences and has taught at Regent College in Vancouver for over a decades. You can connect with Anthony at

Merv Budd
Merv has been part of the Forge Canada team for the past two years. After serving as the National Director of Equipping Evangelists, Merv transitioned to serving as the Ontario Director of Forge Canada. Merv is also a local pastor and is known for his gift of evangelism. You can connect with Merv at

Preston Pouteaux
Preston has been with Forge Canada for over eight years. Preston lives in Chestermere – just outside of Calgary – and is also a local pastor. Preston teaches, writes and speaks at conferences for Forge. His next book, The Bees of Rainbow Falls, will be released this spring. You can connect with Preston at

Karen Wilk
Karen has been a crucial part of Forge Canada for ten years. Her work in teaching about life in the neighbourhood has been influential in many communities. She is a gifted writer (Don’t invite them to Church), teacher and speaker. She is speaking at the Regent College Pastors Conference in May as a keynote speaker. She is a key part of the neighbouring movement in Edmonton. You can connect with Karen at

Cam Roxburgh
It has been my privilege to lead such a fine team as Forge Canada in its many forms for eighteen years. I love serving the local church as a pastor, and serving the bride in Canada through helping to coordinate all the training that we do as a team with Forge. I am always happy to connect with those who desire to see the Canadian church live as a faithful presence. I also have the privilege of serving on the Forge International Team and am excited about seeing this movement advance into new countries. Feel free to email me at

Forge Canada is also encouraged to be served by Sara-May Cardy, Luke Miller, Rainer Kunz, Howard Lawrence, and has been helped in the past by Jamie Arpin-Ricci.

Forge International Team

Kim Hammond
Kim leads Forge International. Having come through one of the original cohorts in Australia, Kim has become an author and teacher, a  local pastor and gifted communicator. He is the author of Sentness, and his second book is soon to be released. You can connect with Kim at

Mark Michaels
Mark holds our team together as International Secretary. He has been crucial in starting the Forge movement in Europe and now helps initiate and administrate what we are doing in many countries. There is no one who works as hard as Mark to help Forge move forward. You can connect with Mark at

Hugh Halter
Many know Hugh through his writing. The Tangible Kingdom, Flesh, And, and several others have become well-read books. Hugh has been leading Forge America for two years and watching it grow in leaps and bounds. Check out Forge America for all of the Hubs that are starting up all over the country for training of local leaders. You can connect with Hugh at

Alan McWilliams
Alan is the leader of Forge Scotland and a crucial part of the Forge International Team. Also a local pastor, Alan both teaches and puts into practice a deeply missional theology. He has been a key to Forge Europe getting off the ground, and now oversees country leaders in an increasing number of European countries. Connect with Alan at

Trevor Hutton
Trevor leads Forge England. Having almost finished his Ph.D, Trevor is an important part of the team as we seek to be a missional movement that reflects God in everything we do. Trevor has seen explosive growth in England with a number of training centres starting within the last two years. Connect with Trevor at

Brad Brisco
Brad has been a part of the Forge Movement for a long time. He has worked with Lance Ford on several missional books (Missional Essentials is the best workbook on the market from my perspective). Brad has recently taken a key role with NAMB, serving as an initiator of missional plants. You can connect with Brad at

Ryan and Laura Hairston
Perhaps no one has given up more for the Forge Movement as Ryan and Laura Hairston have. They are on the International team as well as the America team, and serve through training Hub leaders in various cities across North America. There efforts have proven instrumental to the development of Forge. You can connect with them at

Forge is also blessed with other country leaders such as Mattias and Stephanie Neve who lead Forge in Sweden.

Forge International Board

Forge is wonderfully blessed with founders and a board of directors of the highest order. Alan Hirsch (Forgotten Ways), Deb Hirsch (Redeeming Sex), and Michael Frost (Exiles), were all part of the founding team and now serve faithfully on the board. All three are initiators and have been influential in the missional movement, Forge and beyond. Forge International has also been shaped of late by the efforts of Martin and Lynda Robinson from England. They also head up a missional organization in England called Formission.


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